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Playing to the Gallery

“Playing To The Gallery” is a filming project re-creating the life of a Hull music hall once in Carr Lane on the site currently occupied by Primark.

It sported the name - “The Bijou Palace Of Varieties” – though previously known as “The Regent Hotel Concert Room”; the change of title presumably signifying that it had gone “up-market” – as, indeed, many such establishments did. From singing rooms in pubs to theatre style establishments.

Evidence for the existence of “The Bijou Palace Of Varieties” and its performers is found in advertisements contained in “The Hull Arrow” a weekly publication which circulated in the city in the late eighteen hundreds.

In our movie, each performer will have their own “back-drop” – copies of the works of Hull artist Frederick Shultz Smith – who’s 800 plus drawings of Old Hull are in the custody of Hull Museums who have kindly assisted with the movie.

The whole “Playing To The Gallery” company are drawn from Hull and The East Riding – and number some 30 or more, who’ll make up, not only performers but also back stage characters and the gallery audience – to which every performer worth their salt, knew it was advisable for them to play to.

We will show the movie to audiences at the location of your choice – including over sixties clubs, residential homes, community centres, colleges, hotels, pubs and village halls etc.

One of them could be yours.

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Purchase online, UK price: £7.50 + £1.00 shipping

Or - send cheque/PO to
Bijou Productions, C/O 1A Rosedale, Leven, East Yorkshire, HU175NE.

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