John and Bijou Productions have had lots of poetry input and output. As well as John’s own writing, Bijou Productions has staged six National Poetry Day events under the banner of “Poetrython”, which has involved hundreds of people who enjoy poetry; events dating back to the first – which took place in Boston Lincolnshire in 2002 – and the most recent in  the East Riding Of Yorkshire  village of  Leven – 2012. There have also been several events in Bridlington.

John D Slater is available to give performances of his poetry and also conduct poetry writing workshops – call him on 01262 601456 for more information.

Two of John’s poems have been set to film “Waiting For Jeannie” and “Twilight – North Beach – Bridlington”.  Both of these short pieces can be viewed further down the page.


A collection of some of John’s works, suitable for both reading and presentation are contained in  “Word Of Mouth” .WordOfMouth

Now available at £ 4.95 – sent post free.

Make cheques payable  John D Slater and send to –    Apt 4 – 3 Sands Lane, Bridlington, YO15 2JG.

With over 30 items in this book there will be something to make you chuckle and want to share with others.

Try this one:-

The Wompompizzler

           When walking home the other day   –   a Wompompizzler came my way,                                               I greeted him – he said “Tish poo”   –   That’s Wompompizzle for how d’ you do.

         I did say he – for he was a male    –   you could tell by the tongle on his  tail                                 The females have a tongle too   –   theirs is pink – the male’s is blue.

        He walked beside me to my house   –    then said, “Tigumpi – diggle – dowse.”                                    I said, “Of course – make it your own”   –     he’d asked if he could use the phone.

      Their language, though,  is rather strange   and hard for some  to rearrange arrange.                           He spoke to someone far away   –    and asked if he might go to stay.

          But judging from his doleful frown   –     the one he called had turned him down.                                    I said, “Why don’t you stay with me?”     The Wompompizzler smiled with glee.

          He said, “Digambo tipp-tort”  –   which when translated’s “thank you sport”,                     I  said, “You’ re welcome – any time”  He said, “Chapoozy dippy dime.

Another Wompompizzle phrase   –   for “Health and wealth for all your days.”

           He stayed a week – and it was fun    –    we talked and talked till day was done.                                               And then at night we talked some more –  we had a wonderful rapport.

          We talked of this – we talked of that  –  and exchanged views on sippisat.                                            That’s Wompompizzle for World affairs   –   debated from our easy chairs.

          He was a most delightful guest   –     then Wompompizzlers are the best,

  Of creatures – to have stay a while    –     they beat all others by a mile.

   Their language guarantees good cheer    –    and is delightful to the ear,

                 How I know all this may puzzle you    –       but I’m a Wompompizzler too.

Or this one recalling a childhood pet.


I really do love Rosie – she’s my little dog

She’s always jumping everywhere – she must think she’s a frog

She jumps up on the sofa – then she jumps down on the floor

She jumps up when the postman – puts our letters through the door

She jumps up in the kitchen – when mum’s cooking our tea

Then as soon as we sit down –  she jumps up on my knee

She jumps up in the garden – she’s fond of catching bees

Then jumps into the bushes –  and she jumps out with a sneeze

The best place she can jump to – or so my daddy said

Is when she’s finished with her jumping – and she jumps into her bed!



Using poetry in film format gives opportunity to link the words to visual images; the use of music is also something which we are using in the following two two items:-

1. “Twilight – North Beach – Bridlington”


2. “Waiting For Jeannie”