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(By the way –

I’m Denis Dalrymple The All Singing All Dancing Dalmatian.)

John D. Slater
Bijou Productions/Bijou Enterprises
Apartment 4 – 3 Sands Lane, North Beach,
Bridlington, East Riding Of Yorkshire, YO15 2JG
Telephone 01262 601456.
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2 thoughts on “CONTACT/COMMENTS

  1. Hi,
    I have just enjoyed reading The Norfolk Miller’s Daughter. I picked the book as I worked at Reckitt and Colman from the late 1970’s til 1989. Initially, I joined the company in London and worked also at Norwich before coming here in 1982. The Quaker background intrigued me and it has been enlightening to go back tot he origins of the company.

    It was all the more interesting as I had spent my teenage years near Boston so that was a double bonus!

    Thank you for all the research you did. It was really interesting.

    1. Hello Christine,

      How very kind of you to leave your comments about my book. It’s always very satisfying when an author gets to know that someone has enjoyed his work.
      Every good wish.
      John D Slater

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