The  following seven events can be booked for your venue; the choice is yours…..

“Putting On The Ritz”

Putting On The Ritz JPeg“Putting On The Ritz” is an expression which goes back to the 20s when people wanted to show themselves to be fashionable and on the “up”; as, indeed, were the patron’s of London’s world famous – Ritz Hotel.
In the style of the song and dance man, John performs musical favourites from 20s 30s 40s along with memories of the performers, the writers and the era.
The show comes complete with all sound requirements and is self contained; no trailing wires or cables.
Running time can be up to 90 mins (2 x 45 mins halves) or shorter to fit in with your requirements.  Ideal for functions, festivals, and fêtes; after – dinner / after luncheon events, promotional events, exhibitions, malls, shopping centres, conferences, residential homes, hotels, arts centres, theatres, village halls. etc. John has 50 years experience as an actor/singer / director in all branches of theatre. He is a 40+ years member of Equity and carries full public liability insurance and CRB/DBS. Based in Bridlington – East Riding Of Yorkshire – 01262601456

Clips from outside performance in York’s Parliament St

The moderate charges for the presentation are by arrangement and are from £50.
Phone – 01262 601456
Email john.slater44@gmail.com
Or – what about this offering?


“A pocketful of songs,

A handful of memories,

And large helping of fun!

The desire to put words to music – or rhythm has been going on since the human race discovered a voice. “Going For A Song” explores the song phenomena and includes a wide variety of musical items from the patriotic to the poetic – from the romantic to the comic – new songs and not so new songs all with their own story to tell.
The show comes complete with all sound requirements and is self contained; no trailing wires or cables. Running time from 1 hour – 90mins (2x45mins) and is ideal for after dinner / after luncheon presentations. Recently “Going For A Song”  has been given to groups including The Women’s Institutes, Retirement Homes, Private Residences and Over Sixties Clubs.

John D Slater is a long service (44 years) member of British Actors’ Equity Association, holds a DBS Certificate (formerly CRB) and carries Public Liability Insurance.
Phone – 01262 601456
Email john.slater44@gmail.com
Website – www.johndslater.co.uk


YOU might like this for your group or event.

“ An Actor’s Life For Me” 1 / 2 & 3 – are reflections on John’s fifty years as stage performer – from childhood to present day. He has worked in all manner of disciplines – from circus clown to composer of children’s ballet. He was one of the founders of “The Bijou Theatre Company” which gave thousands of performances in schools; he was also founder of “Dance Invention” – a three year project for young dancers. His work has been featured on radio and television – it has also been the subject of film and recording; several festivals, including The Edinburgh Festival, have included John’s work. He was also Director/Coordinator of an Oxfordshire arts festival for two years. There are three separate one hour presentations to choose from – each of them including, music, songs, anecdote and snippets from an actor’s varied life – along with the ups and downs – the ins and outs of treading the boards. The show comes complete with all sound requirements and is self contained; no trailing wires or cables.

“An Actor’s Life For Me” is popular as an after dinner/luncheon entertainment and with groups including TWG and WI and The Yorkshire Country Women’s Association (See picture below taken at Melbourne Village Hall 15/7/2019)

The moderate charges for the presentation are by arrangement – From £50 plus travel where needed.


This might be what you are looking for – for your event.

 “Playing To The Gallery” “the legend of the music hall.”
In their early years, music halls were just that – halls in drinking establishments, where music and singing took place. Eventually they gave way to much bigger venues holding many hundreds of people – the cheapest seats being in the gallery which all performers were advised it is best to play to because they could often be the most raucous. Most cities and major towns, had music halls – this is their story told with a liberal sprinkling of music hall songs. 60-90 mins. Fee by arrangement from £50 plus travel where needed.

John D Slater is member of British Actor’s Equity; carries public liability insurance and is certified by DBS/CRB.

Tel. 01262 601456 – email john.slater44@gmail.com
Website www.johndslater.co.uk


…….An Audience With Uncle Christmas…….a refreshing change from the usual “grotto” scenario.”

“An audience With Uncle Christmas”  is a new innovation from Bijou Productions. A one hour-plus   entertainment – full of festive, fun and seasonal sparkle; stories – songs – plus the opportunity for children to share their own thoughts and observations – and ask individual questions which Uncle Christmas puts to his famous relative using his direct-line phone.  Bookings are now being taken for the show to be available to venues in East Yorkshire. Hotels, restaurants, stores, garden centres, shopping centres, schools, village halls, churches, libraries – in fact just about anywhere that children and their families can gather and there is space to accommodate them.  Your venue could be one of them! Call 01262 601456 or e-mail for further information.

Charges for the presentation are based on the venue and start at £125 + expenses for small venues or can be based on a charge of £5 per head.

 Also around the yuletide season

“The Bethlehem Street Cleaner’s Tale” – Written and performed by John D Slater.

Just going about his job, as he will be doing on many another day, sweeping the streets of the little town and keeping the place tidy, Benny the Bethlehem street cleaner meets up with a young couple who have a problem – they’ve got nowhere to stay.

They’d come all the way from Nazareth for a census, which has been ordered by Caesar Augustus. But like Benny tells us—”The place was heavin’. You couldn’t get a room for love—nor money!”

Benny offers to try to help them; and that was the start of an incredible experience for him – an experience which he will never forget – and in his own words “Knocked me for a six – I can tell you !”

The story of this meeting and everything surrounding it is the basis of this one man play. Setting the scene for the conditions at the time and painting for us  picture in words and music our actor John D Slater, draws his audience into the story.

Running time for the production is approximately 50mins and it can be given in any venue and requires no special staging or lighting. The suggested time for the performance to begin is 7pm – finishing at 7.50pm to enable school age children to attend. December 2018/early January 2019 are considered the suitable months.

The straight fee for the performance is £125 but the company are happy to accept a free will offering from the audience at the end of the performance or a ticket sale share.

John has been giving his one man dramatic presentations for almost fifty years, appearing venues all over the UK. His noted “Mark – Gospel Story Teller” had over 200 performances and was featured on TV and in film.

Contact details;

01262 601456 – john.slater44@gmail.com




“John Slater is a refreshingly different sort of entertainer.” Lancashire Post
“John Slater’s one hour performance of such varied entertainment, seemed all too short and it was with regret that his discourse had to end as the time ran out.” Boston Target